Saturday, May 7, 2011

Long time no see

Wow life has been crazy the past few weeks. So on April 21 I received a phone call that my dad was being taken to the hospital for pneumonia and for his liver. He has had hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver for a long time now. So I thought okay we will go see him, just another flair up. But, when they were checking him into his room his heart started acting up and so the transferred him to ICU. We thought he would be in there for a day or so and then everything would be okay.

Every time my dad is in the hospital he will have really bad days but always bounce back. This time was different. He just kept getting worse. On the 26th they told us he was in respiratory distress and would not make it out of the hospital. We were all in shock. We had lost our mom on December 27,2005 and were not ready to lose our dad. He fought a good fight but it was time for him to go see my mom. He has wanted to be with her since the day she passed. Knowing he isn't in any pain helps, but it's still very hard. Rest In Peace Father June 26,1950-April 27,2011.

So that week I received an email for a job that I had an interview for at the beginning of the month. They wanted me to do a background check and a drug test!! So I did those and they called me this Monday to offer the job to me!! I started orientation yesterday and officially start my job on Tuesday!! YAY!! So excited. So needless to say I'm gonna be a busy girl. It's a full-time job, Monday-Friday. I will continue to blog but I don't know how often.

Happy Mother's Day and please let everyone know in your life how much you care about them. You truly never know what will happen.

Love you!! Dance with mother :)