Monday, January 31, 2011

To Weigh or Not to Weigh that is the question.

Now I'm getting nervous, tomorrow morning I have to put my fat butt on the scale and see the damage. I know it's something I have to do but I don't want too. If  I actually see the numbers then that means I'm actually that fat. I don't picture myself as being fat I still see the skinny one who lost all the weight. That is until I get on a scale, see pictures of me, see myself in the mirror and those are all things that I can stay away from. Just gotta keep reminding myself what my goals are and that I can do this. I've done it once before so there is no reason I can't do it again. 16hrs and counting...


  1. Do it.
    I didn't weigh before I started last year and it irritates the crap out of me trying to figure out what I actually lost compared to what I know for SURE I lost.

  2. I'm anxious to hear how that initial weigh in goes. I joined WW (going to the Lebanon meeting) last Thursday. I am excited to weigh this Thursday to see how I did. I have been tempted to weigh here at home but are staying clear of the scale. I am a fanatic about the number rather than how I am feeling and I really want to learn that lesson this go around. Can I tell you how thrilled I am that we'll be going through this journey together this time. We need to meet for walking at the High School.