Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Day 2 went really good thanks to tips from my best friend Becca!! On my computer at work every 2 hrs it reminds me to finish my water. I love this idea, it really keeps me motivated to finish before the alarm!! So I was wondering what things do you use to help you during the day?

It's gonna take sometime for me to figure out what is worth eating and what to pass on. I was getting a good grasp on this before I fell off the wagon. I know it won't take that long it's just frustrating that I let myself go back to the old way of eating.

I have a 4 yr old daughter who I can see that because of my choices she isn't eating what she should and that breaks my heart. I don't want her to have to deal with her weight for the rest of her life like I have. I guess she is one of the biggest motivations I have.

Here's to it being the middle of the week and to healthy choices!!

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