Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Love is in the air...or maybe that's the flu bug!!! Yes my whole family is sick :( That's okay though because we don't do anything for Valentines Day anyways. This weekend was a rough one with all of us being sick, but it was still nice just watching movies with the family and enjoying each other!

We made Turkey dinner on Saturday...Yummy!! It was so good and I'm super proud of myself. I didn't go back for seconds. I took small portions of everything, even a roll and was surprisingly satisfied with that. I'm a huge pie lover, okay a huge sweet lover, but I fought the urge to make a pie and instead made some jello!! So needless to say I'm super proud of myself!!

How was your weekend? Hope everyone has a great Valentines Day!! Weigh-in tomorrow!!!!


  1. I can't believe you fought off the pie.

  2. Ahahahaha! Word verification was FOODE.

  3. I'm having the same Valentine's Day as you are - lots of coughing and sneezing in my house! Have a good one anyway!

  4. Supposed to be the love bug on Valentines day!! lol..Hope your family is on the mend soon!!!!