Monday, February 21, 2011


So I'm gonna go another direction today, instead of talking about my weight loss journey I'm gonna get a little more personal. Bare with me please. First off last night I found this sight with free backgrounds for blogs. I was all excited to change my blog! (You see, I'm never satisfied, I always think there's something better out there.) So I found a couple that I liked and finally chose THE ONE!! So I followed the directions and got my background all changed. I hated it and just wanted my original back. However, I couldn't remember how I made my original. So this is my new blog, I'm not saying I don't like this one but I want my original one back. I should now better by now, I'm almost 30 yrs old you would think I would have figured it out by now that most often my original pick is the best one.

Second of all my computer froze just trying to turn on this morning and when I finally got it to start I couldn't get on the internet. I have deleted all the cookies, defragmented it and don't know what else to do with it. AAAAHHHHH!!!

Thirdly, today is Presidents Day!! So shouldn't we be celebrating our Presidents instead of  shopping. I just don't get why every holiday has to be made into a huge shopping day. I'm a very patriotic person and love this county and I just don't understand. Let's take a moment today and remember what this day is truly about, remember what our founding father's went through to make this the USA!!

On a brighter note I have finally figured out how to make smoothies. I know what your thinking come on Maggie how hard is it to make a smoothie...well for me it was hard. They always were either really bitter or just bland but now I've got it. For those of you who know me personally know that I can make cheesecakes, breads, pies from scratch but yet I can't make a smoothie. Maybe I over think it I don't know!

Sorry for all the negativity, it's just one of the days. Hope everyone has a wonderful Presidents Day and take a moment to reflect on the day!!


  1. I am so not computer saavy - I usually have to ask my daughter how to do the complicated stuff - including how to sync my iPod!

    Hang in there :D

  2. While I did enjoy some amazing deals while shopping today; I also made Bailey read about the presidents and do a craft about the day, so there! HAHA

  3. You can put anything in a smoothie - frozen or fresh fruit, yogurt or milk, honey, whey protein, baby spinach, etc. The possibilities are endless!