Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thanks Becca!!

I lost 1.9 lbs this week!! I'll take that!! Already have lost my goal for the month so that is awesome!!

I went for a walk last night and I actually jogged about half of it!! YAY!! I was pretty proud of myself. I despise running, but have decided that I need to give it a try. I have to admit that feeling all my fat ripple, shake, bounce while I ran was pretty disgusting, but no pain no gain!! If I keep it up pretty soon there will be no fat wave going on :)

I have to give major thanks to my best friend Becca www.30formy30th.blogspot.com for helping me out last night. I got a craving for pie so I texted her to ask if she wanted to go get some. She asked me how many points that would be and then suggested I make a smoothie instead!! I made me a strawberry, raspberry, blueberry smoothie and it hit the spot. That's how I know this time around I'm gonna be successful. I have a core group of people who will give me support or just tell me that's not worth it!! So thanks again Becca, I probably would have gained weight this week if it wasn't for you!!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!


  1. I'm a brat. If I want pie and someone asked me how many points it would be I'd be like, "FOOD NAZI! YOU SUCK!"
    lol. I am a brat. Toldja.

  2. Woohoo on the weight loss!! And way to go pushing yourself and jogging, Your Doing it GIRL!!!

  3. Great weight loss :) And congrats on making the smoothie instead. Sounds to me like your support team rocks! Keep it up :)

  4. Great idea to do a smoothie in place of a sweet baked treat. Thanks for the suggestion - and great job on the loss!!

  5. YAY!!!!! Good for you! Keep up the great work! I need to join you... I've been sooooo lazy about exercise. I need to get active!


  6. I am glad I could help!! I am so proud of you for losing more weight too! Good job!