Thursday, February 3, 2011

On the road again!!

So far so good, but today is going to be my first big hurtle. I had lots of running around this morning which included going to the grocery store. I was pretty hungry by the time I got there and all I could see and smell were donuts, cookies, pie etc. but I did it!! I only bought fruits and veggies!! I came to a conclusion though I need to start carrying reinforcements with me. It's amazing how much you have to retrain your body and brain.

I have already noticed that I'm wanting water more then I have in the past. Coffee is my new best friend...had some flavored creamer and bam I have a treat!! But, tonight I have community group (bible study) and I'm really concerned about having the self-control not to go crazy. I'm gonna bring lots of water and hope for the best. I'm already thinking/wondering what everyones going to bring and hoping for something really tasty. I know I know that's not what I should be thinking about but I think it's gonna take a little while to get out of that mind frame. Whenever I go to a social gathering that is my first thought what is everyone going to bring to eat.

I really need to change that way of thinking. Any suggestions?


  1. Coffee helps at CG. I drink that usually.

  2. Changing thinking like that is hard. It's what you've been thinking for a looong time. Maybe you could try thinking about the things you will learn or conversations with friends in the group. So each time you start thinking about food you can think of that. Or you could just bring your own healthy snacks. Bring some fruit maybe? Then you can still eat while others are eating (drinking water while everyone else is eating sucks) and you can look forward to the yummy fruit.

  3. I have started to bring my own healthy snacks.. that way there is something I know I can eat.. I am the girl in the movie theater with a ziplock container of grapes..