Friday, February 4, 2011

So far so good

A little update from yesterday... I did awesome at community group!! I took water with me and all I had there was an orange!! I'm so proud of myself :) Today I went to another bible study and they had muffins there. I stayed clear of those too. I just might be able to do this!!

But, Sunday is the Superbowl. Super excited going to some friends house so that should be fun, but a little worried about how I'm gonna do. I don't want all this hard work from this past week to go down the drain in one day. But then again we never get out to social events so I'm thinking I shouldn't let that be my whole focus. I know, I know that I need to watch what I eat on Sunday, but I also know that if I'm stressing about what I eat the whole time I will not enjoy myself. I'm gonna stay positive and take veggies with me, I can't deprive myself or this will never work!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Have a little of everything you want. Don't deprive yourself!

  2. Don't deprive yourself, but watch your portions and don't over indulge!!!