Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Change of Plans!!

Weigh in: 253.6 -.7!! Woohoo!!

My husband and I had a wonderful mini vacation despite not doing everything we had planned. So on Thursday we headed to the coast and it was a non eventful trip there. We found our hotel and decided that we wanted to go down to the boardwalk. Well, after we walked around for a little while we got in the car and our power steering light went on and we lost the power steering. My husband turned it off and restarted it hoping that would reset it, but that lasted for like 30 seconds. So we took it to the dealership and the service department was closed.

We went back to the hotel ordered pizza and just relaxed for the evening! Got to get into the hot tub and the pool, man did that feel good, so in the morning my husband took the car back to the dealership and they said they couldn't help him. So we had to come home that day. :(

We still had an awesome weekend just the two of us!! We went shopping and just hung out!! Our daughter had a great time with the family, but she hasn't stopped talking since we picked her up on Sunday :) I think she is making up for the four days we were away!!!

I was dreading getting on the scale today since I didn't think I did so good, but apparently I'm more aware of what I'm eating then I thought!! So I'll take the .7!!!

Hope everybody is having a good Tuesday and here's to healthy choices!!

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  1. Sorry your vacation didn't work out quite as planned but glad you were able to enjoy yourself! Congrats on the loss!!