Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Decision

Today I weighed in and didn't move at all. I'm okay with that though. We had pizza last night for dinner so it's okay.

So I have come to a decision on what path I'm gonna take. I'm gonna start counting calories. I've decided this is a better choice for me. I think this will help change my lifestyle rather than just lose weight and then still not know how to eat properly. Thanks to Becca for telling me about sparkpeople! I'm gonna start tracking my calories and exercise using that site, but I'm also going to continue using my journal.

I also want to give a shout out to Meagan for suggesting the couch to 5k plan!! I'm excited to get going on this!! Can't wait for the day when I start looking forward to running!! The plan seems like it's gonna work and it's great for people who are just starting on this journey.

So thanks everyone for your comments and encouraging me on this journey!! Wish me luck I'm going grocery shopping hopefully I can make good choices! Happy Tuesday everyone!!


  1. I have gone back and forth between counting calories and WW...I still am trying to figure out what is best for me. SparkPeople is AWESOME though!!!
    Also the couch to 5K is a great system. Good luck! I look forward to hear how it is going.

  2. Hey. Nice hyperlinks.
    I don't count calories cuz I can't count.

  3. My husband did the couch to 5k plan and loved it and has even run a 5 mile race now! Good luck!