Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This is for me

Day one of counting calories done!! It went really good except I only ate about 800 calories. When I entered all my information on SparkPeople I got a message saying I need to eat more. I had to go grocery shopping after my daughter got out of school and by the time we got home it would only be a couple of hours before my husband got home. He has a evening class so we have to eat dinner before he goes to school. So I didn't want to make a lunch since I would be eating soon, so I made a smoothie. It was good but not a lot of calories :) We had turkey,bacon, avocado wraps. They were really good and I didn't deprive myself. I had 3, yes 3 pieces of bacon!!
I did really good yesterday with drinking my 8 glasses of water and getting my fruit and veggies in too!! So all in all I am proud of myself. Today I'm starting my new exercise program so we will see how that goes.
I had an epiphany today while I was vaccuming. I am working really hard on getting my weight and body healthy, but what about my inward self? I don't think I can do one without the other. I need to start working on my relationship with my husband and my daughter. I need to be a better housewife and just be more caring of myself. My husband is a full-time student and I shouldn't expect him to do everything around the house and not do anything. I have major depression but I have to stop using that as a crutch. If I'm gonna be home all day there is no reason why I can't clean, take care of my daughter etc. So that is my new goal, just to better myself in all areas not just one!!
Happy Wednesday!! Hope you have a good day !!


  1. Just remember to not overwhelm yourself with too much change at once. Dieting itself is a job and a half. I am finding after two weeks of being on WW I am now feeling like doing more stuff too. I quit doing a lot of the housework etc., difference is no one picked it up when I quit so it is very overwhelming right now. But a little at a time, 20 mins a day, it'll get there.

  2. Look at the bright side of things - in my opinion vacuuming is a workout! You burn calories doing it!

  3. Crank the music and shake your ass while you clean! it has to burn a few calories!

  4. so true!m give yourself grace and know that this is going to be a process..not a finish line.

    the physical and spiritual for me is very closely related! keep it up!