Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So I really don't have much to say so I thought I would do a post about wacky things about me.

1. I eat food by two's and by color
2. My toe next to my big toe is longer then my big toe
3. I pronounce the t in mountain dew
4. I always get the urge to open the car door while driving
5. I have opened the door while driving
6. I eat my Big Mac's layer by layer
7. I pick all my food apart
8. I hate odd numbers, but my favorite numbers are 7 &13
9. I say mortorcycle instead of motorcycle
10. I always dream about death

So what are some wacky things about you? Here's to healthy choices!!!


  1. #9 cracks me up! Always does.

  2. I dream about death all the time too. But it is usually someone elses demise, not mine. LOL! So strange.