Thursday, March 10, 2011


Am I the only one that has troubles thinking of title's for their posts?

So my knee is still hurting pretty bad. It hurts to bend it, keep it straight, I've been up the last few nights because it hurts so bad. I keep telling myself that it's just sore, but I started to cry while driving yesterday because I was getting pains all the way down my leg. Pretty sure it's more than just sore. So I have decided to continue to walk everyday, but hold off on the running for now. I'm thinking maybe it's just too much weight for my joints to handle right now. I don't know just a guess.

So this week has been going really good. I have made really good food choices, been staying active, and writing down everything that goes in my mouth. I am loving counting calories. I never realized how many calories fruit as in it. I know they are good calories but I was still surprised.

How has your week been going? It's almost the weekend!!!


  1. I eat lots of fruit so I better not start counting the calories in em. LOL

  2. My week has been crazy I feel like I don't have time to post! But it's just being new at this and getting use to it :)

    I held off on my 5k because my knees were hurting as well. I also think that I might want to lose some weight first, and then attempt the run. My friend recommended doing foam rollers and easing the muscles.

    Just a thought! Feel better!

  3. I always leave the title for after I write my blog post. That way I can use a phrase or sum up the recurring theme in my post.

    This week has been hectic but good. I hope you start feeling better soon.